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About Midnight...

"About Midnight..."is a one man performance piece, developed for the stage, from the works of Edgar Allan Poe. The show, like the writings of Poe, takes the audience on a thrill ride through the senses and the depths of human emotion, imagination and paranoia. Poe's use of language flows like an adrenaline rush while never feeling hurried. This show will stir your soul and stimulate your imagination. Featuring...
    The Raven... The Tell Tale Heart... and... The Pit and the Pendulum.
Suitable for all audiences for whom the writings of Edgar Allan Poe are appropriate. A special version suited to educational settings is available. Appropriate for auditoriums or classrooms.

I hope to spark imagination in all ages and inspire enthusiasm for literature, art, music, poetry, performance and, all forms of artistic expression.

I present these writings from Poe, on stage, hoping to create a communal and cathartic experience. Reminding us all that we share the same fear, anxiety, and helplessness in times of desperation, while teaching us it is to our detriment to give in to despair. Through this live, communal experience I entertain the audience while reaffirming their connection to humanity. 
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DHKuhn@gmail.com     Charleston, SC  29450, USA